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Week 7 | 10/22 – 

keyword/s: invasive, break

Reading: excerpts from "Letter from the Editor;" "The People's Paper Co-Op: Women Reclaiming the Narrative of Reentry," "Up from the Attic: Papermaking at Women's Studio Workshop" from Paper Through a Feminist Lens.


Task: steam, strip, and clean bittersweet fiber.

Week 8 | 10/29 -

keyword/s: bend, buckle

Reading: excerpts from "Seeds InService: Germinating the Feminist Roots of Hand Papermaking in Chicago," "Making Paper 'The Old Ladies Way'," from Paper Through a Feminist Lens. 

Task:  cook, rinse, beat.

Week 9 | 11/5 – 

keyword/s: reformation, recreate

Reading: Melissa Potter's, "Material Engagements: Craft and Feminist Futures."

Task: disperse & water, reform on screen for drying.

papermaking with invasive plants
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