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In envs 350 (spring 2024), we are experimenting with the development of color across poetry and plant materials. This course is a semester-long, advanced environmental studies workshop that employs critical making with environmental materials to investigate processes of transformation on the micro scale (such as with plants and in poems). We learn from these processes, and engage them to nourish our capacity to imagine and move toward a livable future.

We are interested in how plants and poems process change in color when under conditions of stability and duress. What is the capacity for transformation in these zones of engagement?

Here is a small selection of the dye projects we have worked on.



plant dye, from left to right: eucalyptus with iron, eucalyptus, rose and hibiscus, cabbage, blackberry with iron, eucalyptus with vinegar, blackberry vine.


eucalyptus four ways


left: color on paper; right, alkaline root after processing

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